They Just Want Some Of Your Brains

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Hello late-night travelers, it's time to do my second of many off-topic threads. I hope you are all doing well, and don't doubt you have many things you'd like to discuss.

In case you're wanting for conversation fodder, here are some starters.


So there you have it. Zombies and pumpkins, and it's not even Halloween yet. Talk amongst yourselves!

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I guess I'm just giving out candy to kids for halloween this year, and I won't get dressed up. The problem is that every single halloween, I've chosen a costume that is just too esoteric for most people to get. When I and my friends did a Batman villain theme a few years ago, I was the one that chose Holiday (Alberto Falcone, another friend was Two-Face, we did a whole thing with it). When a bunch of my friends were doing zombies and shit back in middle school, I was Ico. Freshman year in college, I taped a bunch of shit to myself, and called myself a Katamari. People didn't get it. The most recognizable thing I've done since elementary school was Scott Pilgrim last year. Did it with a bunch of friends, we had a huge group. No one outside of our crew knew what the hell we were doing.

I've finally decided that no matter what I do, people won't get it. It's not that I try to be non-mainstream, I just pick what's cool, but I've realized I just have no real conception of what others think is cool. When I found myself going back and forth between the merchant from RE4 and SotC's Wander, I realized it was probably best to just forgo to process entirely.