It's easy to be cynical about the world of online multi-player gaming. We've all had our bad experiences with campers, griefers, and a hundred other kinds of jerk. We know about the foul-mouthed kiddies and the racist, sexist crap spewed by adults old enough to know better. None of the negativity is new.


But sometimes... sometimes, we get to see the stories that show us just how great the ability to make those long-distance connections can be, and how deep they can go. As in the case of this adorable young couple.

The pair first met virtually in a Halo 3 lobby back in 2007. Years of gaming together eventually translated into talking through MySpace, Facebook, and up to Skype. Two years after they realized love was blooming, they finally got to meet in person. The video recorded their first ever face-to-face interaction, in a classic moment of airport joy.


The two are still in a long-distance relationship, but are now engaged... and they wouldn't be the first couple to have a Halo wedding, if they go that route. Mazel tov, you crazy kids!

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