They Drank Too Much Space Coffee. And Now Everyone's Dead.

Because nothing is scarier than running out of (space) coffee.

In Caffeine, a currently heavily in-development indie horror-adventure game, you step into the role of a little boy who wakes up to find himself on an abandoned spacecraft of some description. Of course, deserted corridors, bloodstains, and creepy, fast-moving shadows are soon to follow. Take a look:


Even though it's very early footage, the video does a pretty good job of introducing you to the setting and giving you a taste of the atmosphere. It really does feel like you're a scared, lonely kid on an abandoned space station.

Caffeine is currently in pre-alpha, and will be released at some point in the future for PC. I think we should keep an eye on this one—just to see how exactly space coffee ties it all together.

Caffeine Pre Alpha Gameplay Update [IndieDB]

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