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These Wii Games Aren't Widescreen, They're Widescreen And Then Some

The Nintendo Wii supports standard widescreen resolutions. 16:9, just like most movies and TV shows. But a Wii emulator on a PC can get really wide.

These screenshots, taken using the Dolphin emulator, are 1920 pixels wide and nowhere near that many high, giving us an amazing panoramic view of some Wii games.

While the trick warps the text and heads-up displays on many games, it doesn't do a thing to fighting game Smash Bros., which conveniently means we also get a glimpse of the worlds of Zelda and Animal Crossing in super-widescreen as well, thanks to those game's Smash Bros stages.


Dolphin Super-widescreen screenshot thread [Dolphin, via Go Nintendo]

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