Rocks are everywhere in video games. They sit by roads, roll around as debris, make up whole rooms, or even sometimes star in their own games—they're pretty important! So really, it's no wonder there's a whole, pages-long forum thread dedicated to crafting and sharing the prettiest 3D rocks.

The thread, titled "Rawk - Post any rocks you make here!" was started back in September 2013 by 3D artist Hayden Wu over at the Polycount forums. Wu immediately posted a few of his own creations (like the cliffs you see above). Since then, artists have been constantly contributing new rocks, and the thread is active to this day.

Why don't we check out some more? For starters, here's a single rock from Wu:


A "quick rock study" by timspanjer:

A rather magnificent-looking, somewhat dungeonesque wall from Bardler:


A rock wall courtesy of Meteorkid:

Coots7's rock kinda reminds me of soul shards from The Elder Scrolls:


Boyo's rock ball shows off its very nicely detailed rock texture:

And speaking of rock balls, here's a few made by Rogelio Olguin, who currently works at The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog:


Oniram contributed a very realistic-looking rock cube:

Hatred shared a mossy rock wall, and a boulder in its natural environment:


Sayoend showed off how his rocks held up an entire stone fort:

Here's a ridiculously detailed rock texture from CDeniz:


Bartalon's rock has a few copper deposits you could mine:

Tristamus' sturdy bridge was built using some nice brown bricks:


And finally, a pair of Rockti from Seforin, a plant which will be featured in the upcoming multiplayer shooter, Firefall:

There's a lot more rocks to be seen over at the Polycount thread, so head there if you're still craving for some pretty rocks.


Rawk - Post any rocks you make here! [Polycount Forum]

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