These Video Game Nebulae Could Rival Reality

Eve Online is a game made famous by many things: Its passionate followers, its epic space wars, its impact on the economy of the real Iceland and its wondrous glimpses of outer space in a game.


Last week fans from around the world gathered in Reykjavík, Iceland to hear about the future of the online game they love, check out some starship turrets and glimpse the coming of a few amazing nebulae.


The Future



I like the IDEA of EVE Online more than I like the actual GAME. I've tried to play it several times in the past as a miner, a mercenary, a mission-runner, and a hauler. It's actually surprisingly easy to pick up a new "career" as reaching the basic requirements only takes a few weeks.

However, the gameplay is slow. CCP has somehow managed to take the FEELING out of massive spaceships firing incredibly deadly weapons at each other. Everything about the game seems to move at half-speed.

The most fun I had was as a mercenary. I flew a Rifter and acted as a "tackler", or the guy that keeps the other guy from getting away. I didn't have any weapons to speak of since all of my ship's pitiful energy output and weight capabilities went into the devices that allowed me to "tackle", so I really didn't have much to do once I managed to close with my target and orbit him and speeds so high that none of their weapons could track me.

What convinced me to simply forget about the game was one incident where my "gang" found some random Battleship pilot in low-security space (i.e. the game's "space police" wouldn't come blow us up for attacking someone there). The fight was so one-sided that it was boring, and when I say "one sided" I mean the Battleship never stood a chance. Nevertheless, all my group did was orbit said Battleship and a speed that he couldn't track and shoot him with small guns until he exploded.

It's not like we OUTPLAYED him, dodging player-tracked turret fire, disabling engines by shooting them out, knocking down a shield generator, then attacking a known weak point for the kill. All we did was hit a few buttons than chatter on vent a bit until he exploded. The guy was out a few million ISK and there was really nothing he could do about it.

That's not fun. There is no excitement in that kind of fight — the outcome was pre-determined.

For all of its complexity, EVE's actual game system is rather bland. I'd much rather enjoy a game like Black Prophecy, which is not only visually striking but puts the outcome of the fight into the hands of the PLAYER, not a spreadsheet.