These Video Game Companies Hunt Pirates For Cash

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You know how Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt were using German courts to go after alleged pirates of the game? And how they gave up when everyone told them how shitty the practice they were using was? Turns out CD Projekt are just the tip of the iceberg.


An investigation from file-sharing specialists TorrentFreak has revealed that a large number of video game publishers are involved in the same practice of using a German legal loophole to harass accused pirates for ridiculous sums of money. Those publishers include Atari, the local distributors for games by Lucasarts, Square Enix and Techland (Dead Island) and Codemasters. Ubisoft was also once among the ranks, but told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that it ceased the practice three years ago.


Square Enix, Eidos & Other Game Giants All Demand Cash From Pirates [TorrentFreak]

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Now, I can imagine the comments up in arms here. Complaining that video games companies are going after pirates.

But lets just remember one thing... piracy is stealing plain and simple. I don't buy the "I would not have bought it" argument.

Sure sometimes the sums of money they ask for is crazy and it needs to be looked at, and yes the real target probably should be those who crack and upload the games in the first place rather than those who download them.

But is it so wrong for a company to go after those who steal from them, maybe this list [] would be shorter without piracy.

(and yes SOPA is still a piece of shit)