Pokémon debuted in Japan back in 1995, causing a kid frenzy. Meaning? Those kids aren't kids aren't kids anymore. Some of them are adults! Via game forum NeoGAF comes this announcement:

The Pok¬īmon Company has announced Pok√©mon 151, a new brand intended for adult Pok√©mon fans. An official Web site opens Thursday, and Japanese Pok√©mon Center stores have begun selling four types of stylized T-shirts. In addition, a Diamond and Pearl battle tournament for ages 15 and up will be held at the Tokyo store July 4.

The four T-shirts currently available for pre-sale feature stylized designs of Hypno, Cubone, Articuno and Mewtwo, respectively.

Yep, Japan only for the time being. Hit the jump for two more shirts.

Pokemon Shirts [Bulba News via NeoGAF via Go Nintendo Thanks, Karoshi!]