The third season of PlayStation Network reality show The Tester is coming, and Sony has whittled down the list of shitty-job hopefuls to 100. Now it's time to vote.

Now don't head over to The Tester 3 page and start voting willy-nilly. First off, no one does anything willy-nilly anymore, and if you do they'll be forced to send you back to the 1950s. Second, you don't want just anyone getting this job. You want people that are obnoxious troublemakers, emotionally unstable, prone to crying, or at the very least nice to look at. You might not want these people testing games, but some people have to live blog these shows and they'd better damn well be interesting.

So hit up the link, and vote for the girl or boy you'd really like to make out with. Just ignore that other paragraph. It went all willy-nilly.

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