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These Moms Not Spending Much Money On Games For Their Kids

Illustration for article titled These Moms Not Spending Much Money On Games For Their Kids

A U.K. newspaper asked three married moms to track how much money they spend on their kids each month. Gaming proved to be a very small part of it.


The Mirror doesn't make it clear which month was tracked nor whether the moms, who were asked to log every penny they spent, were taking into account any money the dads in the family spent on kids. Nevertheless, video games were among the smallest expenditures.

The U.K. paper, the Mirror, presented all of the expenses in British pounds. For our American readership, those numbers are converted here to U.S. dollars.


The first mom, married to a "workshop controller," has two daughters, one seven-year-old and one two-years-old. She spent the equivalent of $1,126 for the month.

Biggest purchase: Clothes ($439)

Gaming-related (sort of) purchase: Club Penguin ($11)


The second mom is a prison administrator, married to a truck driver. She has three kids, from five months to four-years old. She spent $1,153 for the month.

Biggest purchase: Food ($135)

Gaming-related purchase: PlayStation game for four-year-old son. ($46)


The third mom is a mystery shopper. She is married to a crane operator and has 14-year-old twins. She logged spending $1,543 on her kids for the month.


Biggest purchase: Clothes ($349)

Gaming-related purchase: Xbox controller ($29)

Any parents out there spending a ton on games for their kids? Any kids re-thinking how much money their parents devote to games for them?


How much do kids really cost? [U.K. Mirror] [PIC: Flickr]

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That's a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on clothes. I buy maybe one $10 shirt every month. I buy pants even less (as necessary). What the hell do people see in clothes?