These Long-Lost GamePro TV Episodes Are Like A 90s Acid Flashback

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Remember the 90s? What am I talking about, of course you do. But if you want to really remember them, like, vividly, watch these episodes of the 1996 edition of GamePro TV, which have been uploaded by the Oakland-based Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment.


These aren't to be confused with the 1991 GamePro show—these are the 1996 version. MADE director Alex Handy tells me that these are the only videos of the 1996 program available online.

In Episode 1 above, you can take a trip back to an era when the PlayStation was changing the world, and video-arcade owners were putting their faith in massive "virtual reality" simulation booths. And the ads. The ads! I tell you what, seeing a Sega Saturn ad where they show NiGHTS Into Dreams and then throw a PlayStation off of a skyscraper makes me sort of wish video game ads were still so juvenile and straightforward.

Here's episode 2, featuring John Madden, among others.

And here's episode 3, focusing on Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

And oh my GOD episode 3 also does a feature on Soviet Strike, whose director is named:

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I wonder if he likes breakfast food and moonlights as an adult-contemporary saxophonist?

These are all pretty great. Thanks, GamePro (and MADE) for the trip down memory lane.



Watching the first couple of minutes, i find it baffling that we were ever sold on the whole 3D thing. The Virtua Fighter section briefly mentions other fighting games and there's a brief flash of what looks like one of the Street Fighter Alphas. The graphics are incredibly crisp and beautiful. Then it goes back to ugly Virtua Fighter II, with tons of weird graphic glitches and clipping problems. Just look at the brick textures in the arena at 2:17! We preferred THAT to beautiful 2D art? Good god!

Though if i'm honest, i remember VFII looking awesome and playing even better.