These Kentucky Fried Chicken Flavored Potato Chips Look Finger-Licking Good

Starting on October 25 and for a limited time only, KFC Japan is launching a new flavor of fried chicken called "uma shio shouga chicken" (旨塩生姜チキン) or "savory salt ginger chicken".

According to Tokyo Walker, KFC worked with Japanese snack maker Calbee to bring this flavor to potato chips—also for a limited time only. This is the first time KFC has collaborated with Calbee like this.


Considering how expensive KFC is in Japan (one piece of savory salt ginger chicken is ¥260 or US$3.30), it might be cheaper to buy the chips. They'll be available at an open price to be determined by retailers, but expect them to cost under ¥150 ($1.90) per bag. Best of all, each bag has a coupon for the salted ginger fried chicken.

カルビー×ケンタッキーが初コラボ! [Tokyo Walker]

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