Usually, you go through great pains to create a human face in video games or other computer-generated imagery. The results can look hella creepy and soulless, even when the details look good.

In the hypnotic video above, the opposite's happening. One man's face becomes the projection screen where virtual worlds, computer applications and a collection of other countenances come to life. The process starts at "wow" by re-drawing the actor's own face back on and then overlays other graphics onto his mug with stunning precision.


This kind of mapping technique works by getting the geometry of the object being projected on and it's been seen before on inanimate objects like buildings and cars. But doing it on a human face—possibly for the first time—makes it even more breath-taking.

[Thanks, tipster Rudolfo!]

Explore Your Dual World - Human Face Video Mapping [YouTube]

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