Okay. Yes. Okay. Let's talk about Bass Dogs.

You all probably know that sometimes I like to put some fairly out-there stuff in the nightly off-topic spot. Sometimes that stuff involves music. Sometimes that stuff involves animals. And SOMEtimes, that stuff involves dogs photoshopped into band photos so that it looks like bass players are petting them.

When you play a bass with your fingers (instead of with a pick), you "walk" your fingers in a way that's similar to how you'd scratch a dog's belly. The genius creator of BASS DOGS, a tumblr I first saw last week and which has only become more popular since then, decided to use photoshop to explore the concept further.

The results are glorious:



There are many, many more at BASS DOGS, and you can even make and submit your own. I truly hope you will.


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(h/t Joel Kelsey)