These Aren't New Metal Gear Screens, But Man, They're Sure Wonderfully Bizarre

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Remember that insane Metal Gear bento?


Well, game creator Hideo Kojima decided to use his new game engine, the Fox Engine, to capture the bento, and then have Big Boss hold it. Because if you could, you'd do it, too.

Above is the result, courtesy of Kojima's Twitter.

Perhaps you think this is a huge waste of time! It doesn't seem to be, because after scanning them in 3D, Kojima said it took about two hours to produce this in-game bento model.


Don't you just want to see Big Boss eat those mashed potato faces? I kind of do.

これがMG25周年「究極のキャラ弁!」を3Dキャプチャーして [@Kojima_Hideo]

これが「FOXエンジン」実機上でデジタル再現したSCEさん特製MG25周年の「究極のキャラ弁!」 [@Kojima_Hideo]

「技術の無題使い?」とか思われているかもしれませんが @Kojima_Hideo]


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