These Are The Biggest-Selling Capcom Franchises Of All Time

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Sure, they may not match Nintendo's big-sellers in terms of units shifted, but that doesn't mean this list of Capcom's biggest-selling games series of all time isn't good reading.


Updated with sales data from the 2009 fiscal year, the table combines the worldwide sales of all games in a series, then spits out a single number for us to gawk at. Below are the franchises, with number of individual releases in the series counting towards the tally in (brackets).

Resident Evil - 40 million (56)
Mega Man - 28 million (124!)
Street Fighter - 27 million (62)
Devil May Cry - 10 million (11)
Monster Hunter - 8.5 million (11)
Onimusha - 7.8 million (12)
Dino Crisis - 4.4 million (13)
Ghosts 'N Goblins - 4.4 million (16)
Final Fight - 3.2 million (10)
Ace Attorney - 3.2 million (12)
Breath of Fire - 3 million (15)
Lost Planet - 2.7 million (7)
Commando - 1.2 million (2)
1942 - 1.2 million (3)
Sengoku BASARA - 1.2 million (10)

Note: while the above "total games" numbers are meant to reflect every single SKU released in a series - so multiplatform releases are counted individually - it still appears a few of the franchises' numbers are slightly off. Take it up with Capcom if it's keeping you up at night.



56 Resident Evils? 124 Mega mans? Does each region a game is released in count as an installment?