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These Are Some of The Biggest Mistakes Dota 2 Newbies Make

Stepping into a new game is a daunting task, particularly so if it's multiplayer. Usually, there's a ton to learn, and getting the basics down is often not enough to prepare you to go up against other actual players. DOTA 2, Valve's recently-launched multiplayer online battle arena game, is no exception.


Thankfully, VideoGamerTV walks us through some of the things new DOTA players should watch out for when learning the ropes—the stuff that forms bad habits or that hinders you from playing well. It's pretty useful if you're thinking about jumping into the game, or if you're a newbie at it.

Dota 2: Big Mistakes Noobs Make #1 ( [VideoGamerTV]

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I am considering learning/playing DOTA2 in my free time but everyone keeps telling me to stay away, evil community evil learning curve. (curve does not matter to me since i like steep learning curves) but man 6/10 friends tell me avoid it like the plague