You can pick a gender and a species for the hero or heroine you'll control in the dragon-filled lands of Skyrim. The people making the epic November 11 role-playing game show us 16 of the many possible looks four our lead character in a batch of new screenshots today. I want to be one of the lizard people, but, hey, I also want to be able to have my guy smile. Can he do that?

Let's take a tour.... For starters we've got the Argonian Female.

Another Argonian Female.

An Argonian Male.


A Dark Elf Female.

A Dark Elf Male.


A Khajit Male.

Another Khajit Male.


A Nord Male.

Another Nord Male.


An Orc Male.

Another Orc Male.


Yet another Orc Male.

A Red Guard Female.


A Red Guard Male.

A Wood Elf Male.


Another Wood Elf Male.