Mouldering green pig heads aren't typically appetizing, but these Angry Birds cakes don't look half bad.

Submitted for the 2011 Threadcakes competition, this depiction of birds perched on a dead pigs head like crows pecking at roadkill is both disturbing and delightfully colorful.

Threadcakes is a competition put on by Threadless T-Shirts that asks bakers to make cakes based off of popular T-shirt designs with a grand prize including $500 in cash and in Threadless gift certificates. Now that's a lot of cake!

The contest offers many video game related design options, but Furious Fowl has become an instant hit among bakers, even ones who didn't get the Angry Birds reference.

The rules require bakers to post pictures of the entire baking process along with a description of how the cake was made to make sure that the cake isn't a lie. So check out Kelli Watkins' and Jamie Masterson's entries for instructions on how to bake your own and give it a shot. Piece of cake, right?


Furious Fowl Cakes by Kelli Watkins and Jamie Masterson [Threadcakes via]

James Masterson's Entry


Kelli Watkins' Entry

Original "Furious Fowl" T-shirt design by Brian Cook