There's Xbox Live Inside Every Copy of Windows 8

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Confirmed today during Microsoft's 2011 Build developer conference in Anaheim, California, Windows 8 will have the Xbox Live service built right in. What does it all mean?


Aside from further justifying the upcoming fall Xbox 360 dashboard update, the integration of Xbox Live into Windows 8 means more to Microsoft than it does to us end users. By working hooks for the service directly into the next generation PC operating system, MS will no longer have to worry about getting gamers to download Games for Windows Live, a service that never really caught on in the first place.

Xbox Live's Major Nelson says that developers are being shown tools that make it easier to integrate Xbox Live features into PC games during the show, which I'd imagine are the same tools used for Games for Windows Live, only rebranded.

Perhaps I'm being too skeptical. The Major says they there are many more details to share about what Xbox Live on Windows will be capable of. Let's remain hopeful until then. That way we'll have more energy for giggling and pointing.

Xbox LIVE and Windows 8 [Major Nelson]


This will be epic if they have some type of integration for all Games for Windows games, not just Games For Windows Live. I'm one of the few people (it seems) that actually like achievements/a persistent gaming identity, i.e. my Gamertag, that is cross-platform. Maybe this will mean that Windows games will be more compatible with Xbox Live, much to the chagrin of many hardcore PC gamers I'm sure.

I hope there is cross-platform Xbox/PC gameplay, as well as achievements in all my Windows games. I know it will probably sound weird to many people, but if I can either play a game on PC and not get achievements versus playing it on Xbox and get achievements, I will play on Xbox every time. I'm no achievement-whore or anything, but I do feel that achievements add something tangible to the gaming experience, and I think they would add to the PC gaming experience.

Obviously this is just my opinion.