Released today on PlayStation 4 and coming soon to PC and iOS, Gnog is a musical adventure through a series of diorama puzzle boxes filled with wondrous creatures, strange contraptions and gorgeous music. Let me show you how it works.

First we’re given a box. Something like this:

Turning the box around, we’re presented with this:

That’s a puzzle, or maybe just a task to perform. Rotate the handle, ruen up the dials, move the slider, push the buttons and the whole thing opens up into this:


The diorama inside the box presents a puzzle to be solved. The key to solving it lies back around front. Turning the dials on either side of the box opens up a panel, giving us another task to perform:

Complete the final steps and the box comes to life, serenading you with a triumphant tune:


It’s a very rewarding sequence that never fails to put a smile on my face. You can hear it in my voice as I play through three of Gnog’s puzzles in the video below. The game also supports PlayStation VR, which I imagine will be mind-blowing once I get around to setting it up.

With its unique visual style, wonderful soundtrack and puzzles that are challenging and inventive but never unfair, developer Ko-Op Mode has created an instant puzzle game classic with Gnog. Share some with your friends today.