There's Some F-Zero Hiding in the Wii U's Nintendo Land

There is some sort of Z-Fero style racing game, Nintendo producer Katsuya Eguchi showed today during an after-hours E3 showcase of the Wii U's launch game.

It's not clear how fleshed-out the racing game is. We were shown a brief clip of a Mii character finding a signature F-Zero ship in the game's Nintendo-item-filled hub world. ANd from there we saw a race... possibly single-player against other characters, running at a fast framerate, mixing in jumps and turns.


It wasn't deep, but it's the first official acknowledgement by Nintendo of the F-Zero franchise in many years.

(Look even more closely at Nintendo Land and you might find a famous spaceship from Metroid. No word yet on whether that does anything... a Tweeted photo by Nintendo of America suggests that one of the 12 icons will be a Metroid game; see third icon on the top row.)


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