Still not happy with the way the Mass Effect saga drew to a close, a team of modders have released something for the PC version of Mass Effect 3 called MEHEM. Or, the "Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod".


You can see the edited and re-composited ending above. I...don't see much happy about it, aside from the fact they cut the silly jungle planet bits, but I guess you could argue that by splicing together some of the most dramatic sections of the different endings, they've come up with something...different. That has broken sound in parts, and weird pauses.

Is this really necessary? I thought the official extended endings did more than enough to give us all alittle more closure, end things on a brighter note. Unless somebody wants to go modding in some ice cream and rainbows, I think we're about done here.

MEHEM - The Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - Part 1/2 [YouTube]