A pet sim/adventure game featuring talking dogs? PlayStation Vita Pets bounds through the forest next year to rescue the unfortunate handheld gaming device trapped in the well.

Technically the PlayStation 4 is lowering the rope with the new streaming and cross-play features the console will share with the handheld, but it's definitely going to be PlayStation Vita Pets shimmying down that rope and helping little Vita fasten the rope around its waist.


No no, Vita Pets, that's its neck. Lower. There you go. Good boy.

Vita jabs aside, anyone even vaguely aware of me on a personal level knows this is exactly the sort of game that I'd chase a tiny wagon train across the kitchen floor for. It has an adventure! An adventure, Charlie! I poke fun, but only to ease the longing.

PlayStation Vita Pets is coming to the obvious platform in 2014, at least in Europe. If not America, we can always import.

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