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​There's No Avoiding The New Call of Duty

Illustration for article titled ​Theres No Avoiding The New emCall of Duty/em

People say they don't want it. But somehow, every year, the new installment of Activision's blockbuster FPS series winds up in their homes.


Dorkly's new strip about Call of Duty pokes fun at how complaints about annualized franchises can come from the unlikeliest people.


He may be a jerk but at least the dude with the Affinity gamertag in Good Game's comedy sketch isn't exactly part of the problem he rants about. Guessing that he's not going to trade in Advanced Warfare, though.

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Don't have it, don't intend to buy it, don't intend to play it in any way.

I vote with my wallet every year, and yet my vote is always cancelled out by the unceasing horde of Dew-swilling, Dorito-munching dudebros who line up every year to get the same games over and over again with little to no variation.

It's pretty much like being a Democrat in the South, now that I think about it.