There's Much More Star Fox In Bayonetta 2 Than The Costume

Illustration for article titled Theres Much More emStar Fox/em In emBayonetta 2/em Than The Costume

Dressing Bayonetta up as a sexy vixen might do it for some, but hardcore Star Fox fans need a little more love. In a recently-revealed Bayonetta 2 Easter egg delivers all the Star Fox love. Don't want it spoiled? Stop reading now.

Thanks to the magical nature of the game's lead character, the gameplay possibilities in Bayonetta 2 are nigh-endless. She can be a witch. She can be a mech. She can be a toaster.

But can she be an Arwing?


Oh yeah, she can be an Arwing.

Demonstrated on the Maximilian Dood YouTube channel (via Nintendo Everything — thanks TruExtent!), the Arwing sequence in Bayonetta 2 transforms the game into a full-on 3D shooter, complete with misnamed barrel rolls and shot locking. Check it out.

Sold! Well, I was already sold. Solder! Join some metal with heat in honor of this excellent surprise.

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