There's An Edward Snowden Game, And Yes, It's A Runner

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If you've ever played Temple Run and thought it needed a little less temple and a little bit more whistleblower refugee, you're in luck: there is now an endless runner based on the life of Edward Snowden.

Snowden, the NSA leaker who revealed the existence of the U.S. government's PRISM surveillance program last month, plays leading man in Snowden Run 3D, which you can get for free on the Google store (for Android) or the creator's website (for PC/MAC). Like in real life, video-game-Snowden runs infinitely until he is caught and can drop a hydrogen bomb by calling "Uncle Putin" on his cell phone.


"The game does not point a finger to either the US agencies and companies involved in the data-collection scandal nor Mr. Snowden," writes creator Michele Rocco Smeets. "It attempts to remain neutral as far as a parody can be unbiased. There is absolutely no political motivation behind this game nor am I affiliated with any government agencies or Mr. Snowden."

Oh, and it's pretty awful. Check out some video footage:

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Sucks being on the run from the U.S government basically for being a good guy and giving light to the existence of program.

Hopefully he'll get a better video game than this...