I'm not sure how many times I've seen the cover of the recent 3DS strategy game Fire Emblem: Awakening. Dozens, at least. And yet I never noticed that there's a great little inside-joke hidden in plain sight.

Fortunately, Bill Mudron caught it. If you look at the cover, you'll notice that only one character's face is obscured: Kellam, the shyest massive warrior around.

Unless you've gone and gotten Kellam killed in the early goings, you'll get the running joke in the game, which is that Kellam, despite his huge armor, is actually preternaturally difficult to notice. He blends into his surroundings, and many of his friends don't even see him standing right next to them. Almost every social interaction in the game revolves around this odd character trait. So it makes perfect sense that on the triumphant cover of his exciting game, he'd still find some way to hide from view.

That art up top is one example, where his face is hidden by Marth's sword. It's actually a bit different on the actual cover, seen here:


Can you find Kellam?

Ha. I have a digital copy of this game, so no box art. But we've used that image on so many Fire Emblem articles that I'm surprised none of us noticed. Then again, it's Kellam. Not being noticed is kind of his thing.