There's A Pong RPG Coming Out This Spring

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Last week Atari released a new Missile Command game. This week Atari announced a new Pong. In Pong Quest, developed by UK design duo Chequered Ink, players explore fantasy dungeons inspired by other Atari classics while smacking balls back and forth. As silly as it sounds, it is a completely real game coming to consoles and PC later this spring.

Originally released in arcades in 1972, a year before my own release, Pong is a timeless classic with lots of room for improvement. Nearly five decades ago humanity was in a place where a square being bounced back and forth between two rectangles was endlessly enthralling. Nowadays we need things like power-ups, tongue-in-cheek humor, and extensive character customization. Pong Quest has all of those things. It’s also got plenty of references to more interesting old Atari games, like Adventure and Centipede. Check it out.

It’s nice to see Atari, whatever it is these days, having fun with its older properties. Pong Quest will be available later this spring on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam.


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I’m honestly really into this and I think it’s a good idea. Good job Atari.