Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus On The Way

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Last year at E3, Betheda teased a new Wolfenstein game. This year they’re announcing it, showing off Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the first time.


The game, a follow-up to the excellent Wolfenstein: New Order (and less excellent Old Blood), again has us playing as BJ Blazkowicz, and appears to take us beyond Europe to Nazi-occupied America instead.

Guess everything you did in New Order was for naught.

Looks like a lot of familiar old faces from New Order are back for more, along with some fresh new American buddies.

It’ll be out in October. Here’s the trailer:

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I just replayed New Order a couple months ago, and it’s probably the best single player shooter of the last several years. I’m pleasantly surprised how consistent the sequel looks: the same characters, the same look, even the same tools they recovered in the last one. It looks less like a sequel and more like a direct continuation of the original’s story. And that’s great, because as far as shooters go, the story was surprisingly strong, and the cinematic direction surprisingly deep.