There's a new Shadowrun Game!

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Cliffhanger Productions, the team currently working on Jagged Alliance Online, are also working on a new Shadowrun game. Yes, a new Shadowrun game. And it's not a shooter. Phew.


The popular old role-playing franchise, which had great adaptations on the Genesis and SNES and a terrible one on the Xbox 360 and PC, will be back in a manner more suitable considering the universe, which blends cyberpunk and old-world magic.

They're working with the publishers of the actual Shadowrun pen-and-paper game to make sure it's a faithful adaptation of the source, and with the game to run in a browser are hoping for maximum accessibility.


You can see the full announcement for Shadowrun Online below.

First Shadowrun Online newsletter is finally here! [Shadowrun]

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SlinkyGuy and his Evil Legion of Rainbow Pointers!

Shadowrun on the PC/Xbox 360. . .terrible?

Yes. . .sure it was.

Guess I'll have to play another cross platform game to pla. . .

Oh wait, it's the only one AND it's a good blend of superpowers and shooters.