There's a New Mario in Town

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is now the highest rated video game in history... at least according to Game Rankings and its penchant for number crunching and outliers-inclusive averaging. It was a good run 1998's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, don't let the door hit you in the ass.


AchromaticMagus Loves Wotter

How did you guys figure out how to get in here? ;-;

Also, I have a few games that I would consider flawless. 100/100, if you will. Even so, I have games I like more. That have a lot of flaws.

Basically, a numeric system judges things on an objective level, not a subjective one. That subjectiveness is what sets games apart in your mind. A numeric value is worthless and, quite often, not a good reflection of how you'll actually feel about the game.

Not to say it's a bad game, but does anyone remember when GTA4 came out? 10/10 across the board. What will people say now when you ask about it? That it was woefully overrated, that the story was a bit boring, that the missions were too similar to each other, that the controls could've been better, and that the focus on realism was too much and overshadowed the fun.

But it's still on record as getting all those perfect scores.