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Hey there, Kotaku. I don't know if you're as excited about the long weekend as I am, but if you are, you must be really excited.


The weather should be lovely, the days have gotten long; and as much as I'd like to joke about how great it'll be to spend this time playing video games, it'll be just as great to spend time attending barbecues with friends and throwing around a frisbee in the park.

But yeah, video games will get in there too. What are you going to play this weekend? Personally, I plan to finally get more of Gemini Rue done (that game is great), to see if I can get through act III of Diablo III, and to finish Max Payne 3. Not a bad plan, if I do say so myself.


But how about you? Sound off in the comments, and feel free to talk about anything else you'd like, too.

Have a lovely weekend, all.

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