Dead or Alive: Dimensions, the Nintendo 3DS entry in the long-running, extremely jiggly fighting game series, is coming from Team Ninja. That's the same team behind Wii game Metroid: Other M. Now the two are coming together. How?


A new video of Dead or Alive: Dimensions shows off two Metroid cameos, one from mini-boss Ridley and one from bounty hunter Samus Aran herself in power bombing morph-ball form, appearing after DOA regulars fight on a Metroid-themed stage.

Does that mean Samus herself will be appearing as a contender in the next Dead or Alive, presumably in Zero Suit form? The game's publisher, Tecmo Koei, won't confirm that possible cameo.


But Dead or Alive is no stranger to armored guest stars. Xbox 360 game Dead or Alive 4 featured a cameo from Nicole-458, a female Spartan lifted from the Halo universe.


Thanks for the heads up, GohanEgret.

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