There's A Little Final Fantasy In Mario Sports Mix

The upcoming character-driven Wii sports compilation Mario Sports Mix is being developed by Square Enix, which explains how five iconic Final Fantasy characters have made it into the game's roster. Who made the cut? You tell me, Kupo!


No, it's not Cloud and Sephiroth. Square Enix decided to go even more iconic than that for the Final Fantasy characters included in Mario Sports Mix. We're talking characters like Ninja, White Mage, and Black Mage, three of my personal favorites. Toss in a moogle and everyone's favorite desert plant monster, Cactaur, and you've got a party capable of taking Mario and friends down no matter what sport they're playing.

Check out the bios for these new characters at the game's official website.

Did I mention they were in Japanese?

Mario Sports Mix – JP Website Update (Final Fantasy characters confirmed and more!) [The Bit Block]


No Chocobo? I was told that there were no Chocobo mounts for FFXIV and now this? Blasphemy!