There's A DC Comics RPG Coming Out Next Month

Back in July of last year I shared the first five minutes or so of a game called DC Comics Legends, a turn-based mobile RPG that I said should be hitting North America soon. By soon, I meant this November. Oops.

DC Comics Legends is basically DC’s answer to Marvel Avengers Alliance, which is nice because Marvel’s answer to Avengers Alliance ceased operation last month. Players create a team of DC heroes and villains and embark on missions consisting of 3D turn-based battles. Characters gain levels and can be upgraded, all in the name of saving the known universe from the vile machinations of Nekron.


Machinations are always pretty vile, aren’t they? There are never splendid machinations. Delightful machinations. Look, it’s Hal Jordan.

DC Comics Legends has been developed by WB Games San Francisco and will be released on iOS and Android next month, following a very lengthy period of testing. Players can preregister at the official website to unlock Striker Wonder Woman at launch. I bet her machinations are pretty sweet.

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