There's A Creepy Clown Video Hidden In Roblox

I’ve still never played Roblox and now I’m not sure I’ll ever play it after learning about a random, creepy clown video that is, for some reason, lurking in the game’s files.


In Roblox, players can input the command “?Iloveyou” and with the correct server and in-game settings, it will display a short video of a man wearing a clown mask and rubbing his head.

It’s odd, which is perfect because it was recently covered in a video from Oddheader, a YouTuber who loves Easter eggs and hidden things in old video games.

To be clear to all you expert Roblox players, I know this discovery isn’t new, but I had no idea it was in the game. A quick Google shows other players have uploaded videos of this creepy secret and often the comments are filled with players sharing stories of the first time they saw the evil clown.

Why is it here? I have no idea. But it’s a nice reminder that you can never escape terrible, creepy clowns.

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Roblox has a lot of weird/creepypasta esque stuff in it. Maybe not the game files themselves (I don’t know about this particular one), but various games people have created.

Was playing some game with my daughter last night that was some odd horror story thing with a Purge-mentioning story (haven’t watched the movies, but know the premise of The Purge event. Don’t know where the game deviates/borrows) that has the main villain as some dude named Scary Larry with a golden crowbar and after you beat it, if you pick up said crowbar, you gain a creepy mask and become the new Scary Larry. This is just one of many.