There Will Be No More Brain Training

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For a game built upon endless repetition, Brain Training's certainly making an impression on some people, because years on from release, the two games are still selling like fancy, heated cakes. So Nintendo are surely working on more, yes? Itprintsmoney.gif and all that? No. Having most likely noticed the fact people can't tell the two games apart, and still buy more of the original than the sequel, it's been announced by Nintendo (grain of salt notice: Nintendo Europe) that two will do, and they'll just keep on selling them for millennia until our sun expands, killing us all in a blinding flash of white.


More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima [TVG, via Go Nintendo]

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How about you take their demos off of the Nintendo Channel and replace them with something else, then, Nintendo? Really, I've seen so many awesome demos come and go, only for those stupid Brain Age demos to remain.