There Will Be No Kinect Sex Game

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ThriXXX, the developer behind a title claiming to be Kinect's first sex game, won't be doing anything of the sort after platform holder Microsoft decided to block its release.


"Xbox is a family friendly games and entertainment console and does not allow Adults Only (AO) content to be certified for use on its platform, and would not condone this type of game for Kinect" a Microsoft spokesperson has told IGN.

ThriXXX was of course working on stuff anything but family friendly, as its project involved using the motion-controlled camera to grab cartoon girls' cans.

It looked incredibly stupid, not to mention crass. Still, if you thought it looked amazing, ThriXXX's developers are still hoping to add Kinect support to its PC games sometime in 2011.

Microsoft Blocking Kinect Sex Games [IGN]


What is the point of the AO rating, if no AO games are created? Someone please enlighten me on this. Is this the same case as the NC-17 rating for movies, where the MPAA use it as a threat for producers?