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Game Dev Story is a neat little iPhone game that's about running a studio that makes video games. It went down well with people. So well, in fact, that its developers will be releasing a sequel.


Well, by "release", we mean "port", as Game Dev Story is actually a Japanese PC game from the 1990s, freshly localised and re-released in the West for Apple's handhelds. Game Dev Story 2, then, will be a port of its sequel, though developers Kairosoft tell Touch Arcade they "are thinking of improving the game by adding elements of networking in the sequel, such as sales score rankings and sending employees to a friend's company, etc."

That extra work means the game might be a ways off, sadly, a spokesman saying, "We will be developing a sequel, but we are not planning on releasing it soon".

'Game Dev Story 2' Coming To iOS, But Not 'Soon' [Touch Arcade]

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