There Was a Nintendo 3DS In the Olympics' Opening Ceremony For Some Reason

The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games had their share of surprises, but we certainly weren't expecting to see a Nintendo 3DS among them. Get off the stoop, young man, and go do some sports!


I'm a fan of the 3DS myself, but I think I'd have a hard time sitting on the front porch and playing one while an entire freaking Olympic opening ceremony was happening nearby. Kids these days. With their technologizers and their three dees. It's only a matter of time before Smash Bros. is an official Olympic event. (Worse things could happen.)

Update: Game designer Martin Hollis informs me that ARM, the company that makes the 3DS processor, is based in Britain. So, one possible justification for the inclusion of a Nintendo product in a British opening ceremony.


Update 2: We've got the full clip in higher quality now, and it shows the full story—it looks like the segment was an exploration of our new era of social connectivity. And video games! Cool to hear some chiptune-y music playing at the Olympics.

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It seems extremely odd to me that Britain would put in a large segment about the "digital age" when they had virtually nothing to do with it's creation. Don't get me wrong, EVERY first-world nation contributed to the digital age somewhat, but you've got America and Japan tied for first place in terms of contribution and nearly everybody else tied not for second, but dead last.

I thought the opening ceremony was supposed to celebrate the home nation's personal culture and achievements? Britain has a ton of them.... no need to latch on to somebody else's.

I mean they showed a Japanese product and an Apple product. Processors be damned.. it makes no sense!