If you're thinking of pirating a copy of Final Fantasy Advent Children, we may as well let you know that Square Enix have been "monitoring illegal upload and public communication" of the movie.

In a press release issued today by the company, Square say that since Advent Children Complete was released on Blu-Ray earlier this month, they have "already found and confirmed illegally uploaded ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE files on several internet video sites and requested to delete them, which has led to elimination of all files subject to the warning".

Of course, this is just posturing on Square Enix's part. There's no real clout behind it. If you pirated the movie, you're not going to have Imperial Hot kicking down your door at 3 in the morning and summoning Bahamut in your living room.

But it's interesting, because for Square to bother issuing the statement at all - which the Japanese press will surely repeat verbatim - there must be a lotta people pirating the flick.