There Might Be Life Left In Game Magazines Yet

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The traditional "news-previews-reviews" games magazine is a dying beast, but the idea of a magazine based on video games is still one worth saving. It just has to be done right. Like Amusement. Or in this case, Kill Screen.

Onto its second issue now, Kill Screen is the latest magazine to make the smart decision that in order to convince people to spend money on dead trees covered in words about video games, those words have to be unique, and they have to be interesting. That means a combination of features and art, dealing with topics like "decoding the mysteries of box art", asking "why the world wasn't ready for an Chinese learning MMO Pangea Online" and "interrogating a trader about the financial lessons of StarCraft".

You can get the mag via either subscription or single issue on Kill Screen's site.


[Kill Screen, via GSW]

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This is what GamePro is trying to do. It's fine and good and all that but... not something I want to subscribe to. After over 10 years, I no longer subscribe to GamePro.

Still subscribe to Nintendo Power, though. They still have the news-previews-reviews format. Keeps me busy when I'm on the john.