There May Actually Be A Mirror's Edge 2

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Before editing the entry earlier today, the resume of Oscar Carlén - senior lighting artist at DICE - included the words "Mirror's Edge 2".

Of course, since being discovered it's gone, but previously, it had said that Carlén was currently involved on two projects: Battlefield 3, which we already knew about, and Mirror's Edge 2. Which we... also knew about.


Whether both projects are still going ahead after EA's recent blood-letting is anyone's guess, but I'm in no mood for guesses today. I'm in the mood for hope, and with Mirror's Edge my retrospective GOTY 2008, it's time to start hoping.

Portfolio of Oscar Carlen [oscarlen, via Joystiq]

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I love Mirriors Edge! I beat it it twice and once on on hard and found little to no flaws in that game! It was a very engaging experince and I really enjoyed the game. The graphics were amazing, the story was somewhat interesting but the cutscenes were garbage. The game had its up and downs. But over all the gameplay was uniqe and engaging as hell! I had lots of fun with this title.