There Is Playable Pac-Man In Your Google Logo

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Google has a proud tradition of modifying their logo image to commemorate special occasions, but for the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, they've gone from image manipulation to game creation.


Pac-Man was released in Japan on May 22, 1980. Back then you'd regularly find arcades packed with players eager to guide the pizza-faced hero through his mazes. Nowadays you can play Pac-Man on just about everything, including the Google logo.

The mini version of Pac-Man has all the bells and whistles of the original game, though the maze has undergone a few changes of course, including the addition of a fifth power pellet in the G.

You can even team up with a friend by hitting the "Insert Coin" button a second time, busting ghosts with the aid of Ms. Pac-Man!

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According to a Google press release, this was all the work of two men.

"To pay the homage that Pac-Man deserves as a ground-breaking innovation in the gaming world, Google equipped the doodle with many unique characteristics from the original Pac-Man game. From preserving the distinct personalities of the ghosts Inky (blue: fickle), Blinky (red: chaser), Pinky (pink: ambusher) and Clyde (orange: slow) to re-creating programming bugs from the original game like a "kill screen" on level 256, Sr. User Experience designer at Google, Marcin Wichary, along with Google doodler, Ryan Germick, remained as faithful to the spirit of Pac-Man as possible."


I'll say. This could be the best Google logo manipulation ever created. Check it out for yourself!

And no, I'm not giving you a link. Google it.


I nearly made it to the 6th level. I was trying to see if it would change if you made it past the first act. It didn't but there was still a first act "movie" thing just like in the arcade game so that was pretty awesome.

You can't get extra guys though, so best of luck with that.