Warcraft and Civilization may contain two completely different game worlds with distinct game mechanics, but modder Bamington's Civilizations of Warcraft mod pack for Civ V—a huge project designed to add as much from the Warcraft universe as possible—fits like a glove.

Factions, which were introduced in Warcraft III and WoW, are now civilizations and city-states. Dungeons and raids are natural wonders, constructed wonders or buildings. Religions, resources and the appropriate units have been converted accordingly as well—as you can see below.


Bamington also hopes to be able to add realistic scenarios and culture trees (whatever that means—Murlock paintings, maybe?), so it might be worth checking back from time to time for updates.

Wait, what? The discovery of Blackrock Mountain has increased happiness in the empire? This isn't right!

Civilizations of Warcraft [Steam Workshop]

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