There are genuinely attractive Kickstarters, there are joke Kickstarters, and then there are Kickstarters like this, which somehow manages to be both at once.

Flying Assault Butts is a campaign to add a...very special new miniature to your tabletop game of choice. Of a butt. Warhammer, Warmachine, an RPG, whatever. It can now have an assault butt.

There is backstory.

In the Grimdarkmost far future, war has engulfed the galaxy. A plague has come from the furthest dimensions of the unknown, wiping out whole populations. The plague causes an unspeakable agony as the victim's butt takes on a life of it's own, tearing itself away to attack mindlessly. Perhaps it's some government science project gone awry. Perhaps it's, I don't know, magic or something.

What I do know is: The Butt Wars rage.

Now: awesome news. Because the campaign has already blown past its original target, there are more butt designs on the way to complement the original "batwings". Like the pirate Captain Buttbeard.


And the The Rampaging Rumpagon.



The campaign isn't done yet, so if you want to contribute - and maybe bring the world more tabletop butt monster designs - please, do so.

Miniature Wargaming - Flying Assault Butts [Kickstarter, via BOLS]