There Is A Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Sort Of)

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It's OK. Rub your eyes. I did. But it's true: Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel has told French magazine JeuxVideo that work on a sequel to one of the past decade's most underappreciated titles is underway. And not just underway, but it's been underway for around a year now, with 10-12 staff toiling away on pre-production duties. Good news, yes? Well, sit back down, Mr Bernard Excitey-Pants, because there's a catch: Ubisoft have yet to green-light the project and kick it up into full production. Yes, I'm as confused and angry as you are. No, I have no idea why the hell they're stalling on this.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 en préproduction [JeuxVideo, via VG247]


Darth Tigris

This is, simply put, the BEST/WORST story that I've ever read on Kotaku.

Not only does it let us know that the unannounced sequel that I want more than any other (Shenmue 3 and Panzer Dragoon Saga II are behind it) actually exist, but then it kills it by saying its been in PRE-production for a year with only 10-12 people AND it hasn't officially been green-lit or put into full production. So that means that IF it does get full production, we are still likely YEARS from seeing it. The recently blog-deceased Surfergirl pretty much said the same thing, but I didn't want to believe her. Now I hurt inside.

Maybe its up to us as gamers, now, to truly let Ubisoft know how committed we are as gamers to this happening. Heck, I'd plunk down my $60 RIGHT NOW if they were taking pre-orders. This really needs to happen.