While some could-be-real, could-not-be-real images and video of Vader battling Yoda in Soul Calibur IV have surfaced over the past few weeks, the rumour that both characters will feature as DLC (Yoda for PS3, Vader for 360) is far from confirmed. Enter Soul Calibur IV director Katsutoshi Sasaki, who...fails to confirm or deny said rumours, saying "We don't have any plans" to add the pair as platform-crossing DLC. Once was a day "no plans" meant just that, there were no plans, but these days it could just as easily mean "sure we will, but we'll announce it in a month's time when you're starting to get sick of the game". XCN Soul Calibur IV Q&A with Katsutoshi Sasaki, Director [MSXBOX World]


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