There Are No Gays In Star Wars

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BioWare take their Star Wars role-playing seriously. So seriously that the developers are shutting down talk on Old Republic's message boards about homosexuality, because it's a term that does "not exist in Star Wars".

Yes, if you care to trawl around the site, there are a few threads that either began as, or devolved into, discussion of how the game - or the game's future player base - would handle gay relationships. And those threads are now locked. A thread complaining about those threads being locked (along with the words "homosexual", "lesbian" and "gay" being censored on the boards) has now also been locked, with BioWare's community manager Sean Dahlberg posting succinctly:

As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars.

Thread closed.

OK, but...they do, uh, realise that the people actually playing the game do not exist in Star Wars either, right? They're real people?

GLBT discrimination in forums? [SWTOR]


UPDATE - BioWare have since issued an apology.

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I find it darkly amusing that people are going to be protesting about how a universe where magic knights fight each other with laser swords and spaceships not having homosexuality is unrealistic.

Seriously, why would they even need to distinguish between same-sex and other-sex gender relations when there are plenty of alien bits to stick things into or have stuck into you? X'ting in the The Cestus Deception cycled between male and female every three years. Unless they only married those who their cycle complimented, there was bound to be some overlap.